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Proprietary Forex Trading Results: March/April

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A note from our Proprietary Forex Trading Manager: David Long

Below are three different proprietary Forex trading accounts of the best traders for March and April.

Note that all three have good risk:reward ratio in the average profit versus average loss.



March 2014 - 41005 Stats (2) March 2014 - 41005 Trades


Our best performing trader for March benefited from straight forward and tight trading technique with a return of 4.21%.




April 2014 - 41204 Stats April 2014 - 41204 Trades (2)


For April, the highest profitable trader achieved a return of 3.39% although as you can see from their charts below they did not follow the risk management guidelines exactly as the lot size on every trade is the same. This is generally a sign of not using the lot size calculator, and proves for risky trading. Risk management is the largest part of trading and should be considered in every part of your trade.


April 2014 - 41214 Stats April 2014 - 41214 Trades


The runner up for highest return on their account this month achieved 3.1% and showed smooth trading and risk management.

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