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Labour to force Commons vote on fuel duty rise

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Labour has announced it will force a vote in the House of Commons in a bid to postpone plans to increase fuel duty in January.

Set to carry out the poll on Monday (November 12th), the political party is hoping to stop the intended three pence rise in a bid to ease financial pressure on struggling households.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls confirmed the attempt to delay the increase for at least the months in a message posted on the website PoliticsHome.

He argued economic recovery was not yet secure, as businesses, pensioners and families remain vulnerable and are still struggling to make ends meet.

Mr Balls also claimed that postponing the three pence increase until April 2013 could be funded by clamping down on employment agencies that avoid paying taxes.

“[Such firms] hen falsely inflate the worker’s travel and food expense claims, reducing tax and national insurance, and pocket the avoided tax as profits,” he explained.

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