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Greek policymakers back fresh austerity measures

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Lawmakers in Greece have voiced their support for the introduction of new austerity measures.

In the wake of violent protests staged around the troubled European nation, politicians narrowly backed the €13.5 billion (£10.5 billion) cuts, which are set to include tax rises and pension reductions.

The move aims to dramatically reduce Greece’s budget deficit, as well as make the economy more competitive and lower national debt.

However, it has been met with drastic opposition from members of the public who took to the streets to voice their anger yesterday (November 7th).

Riot police used tear gas to calm the situation after they were targeted with petrol bombs in Athens.

The plans will include a two-year rise in the retirement age from the current average of 65, as well as salary cuts and reforming the labour market – bringing in measures such as holiday benefit reductions.

Prime minister Antonis Samaras said: “Many of these measures are fair and should have been taken years ago, without anyone asking us to.”

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