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Four Simple Tips to Overcome Forex Trading Insomnia

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Trading insomnia is an actual threat that can negatively impact your forex trading career. With such a rush of emotions on a daily basis, forex traders are more prone to insomnia than those who work in other jobs.

Insomnia can be particularly problematic for your trading career and can lead to a lot of problems, including trading errors, difficulty in performing basic trading tasks, health issues, impaired judgment, and compromised mental health. These short-term issues eventually pile to result in poor performance and a short trading career.

To avoid that, here are three simple solutions that will help you overcome forex trading insomnia:

1. Introduce A Bedtime Routine to Wind Down

All traders have his or her own preferences on how to relax. Winding down after a busy day of trading will help free your brain of any anxiety. There are many healthy bedtime routines you can practice every day, including:

  • Write down positive things or plan out the next day’s tasks
  • Start aromatherapy by diffusing sandalwood, chamomile, or lavender
  • Turn off all gadgets
  • Take a hot bath a couple of hours before you go to sleep

2. Track Your Sleeping Habits

One of the best ways to treat trading insomnia is by knowing how much you’re sleeping. 

You can analyse your sleeping habits through a journal or gadget. This will allow you to determine some of the patterns that are needed for a night of good sleep, as well as understanding what you should avoid doing. Devices such as Fitbit HR and apps such as Sleep Cycle can help you accomplish this task.

3. Practice A Healthy Diet

Practicing a healthier diet will improve your sleep automatically. For starters, avoid foods that are high in fat, as well as sugary foods and junk food. Also, limit your caffeine intake and ensure you’re not consuming any caffeinated beverages at least five hours before you go to sleep. You should also try to adjust your body to work without the caffeine. 

According to some studies, eating cherries or fish can also help you get sleep-inducing melatonin in your body. Additionally, milk and cereals can in fact help you fall asleep at night. Including bananas in your diet also helps introduce potassium and magnesium to your body, relaxing your muscles. 

Lastly, if you tend to wake up multiple times during the night to go to the bathroom, try to avoid drinking fluids an hour or two before bedtime.

4. Put Away All Gadgets

A good tip for those who struggle to fall asleep at night is to put away all electronic devices at least a couple of hours before bedtime. Research suggests that people who use their phones or watch television right before they go to sleep are more likely to have insomnia. 

As traders who face screens throughout the day, it’s especially important to give yourself a break from electronics to reduce the strain on your mind and eyes.


Due to the nature of our work, it’s essential for us traders to always to bring our A-game to the table. Following these tips should therefore not only help you sleep better, but could also improve your trading performance when you need it the most!


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