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Forex Trading Results from our Proprietary Trading Manager – Feb 2014

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Proprietary Forex Trading Results – February 2014

The best trader for the month saw an increase of 2.73% on their account.

Whilst they were negative 1% in the 2nd week, this trader took a Cable trade for 3.2% profitable win to turn the account around. The entry was placed on the 7th of Feb and closed on the 14th with a target driven exit.

The trader placed 23 orders, 10 of which triggered in. 40% of trades were profitable, with an average win of $576 versus an average loss of $156. The largest loss was 0.96%.

The average profit v loss is the standout statistic for me on this account this month, making the maxim of: “lose small, win big” a reality.

I also appreciated that when the account was negative, the trader did not lose focus on his analysis.

Click on the image below to view his 10 trade’s.


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  1. Thanks David. Very interesting seeing some of the detail of a prop traders progress for a month! Helpful and timely for me as well. I’m still not sanguine about a loss – let alone a series of them – and this view of someone else’s trading helps me to reset my trading objectiveness and equilibrium.

    I am still trying to find and develop my trading “persona” and it would be helpful to to know how much time, what time of the day and even on which days of the month, the trader spent selecting and managing his trades.

    Could you provide that information please?

    Regards and thanks for the article ……….. Roger

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