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AxiTraders Forex Year in Review 2013 Infographic

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Axi-Trader Infographic

Our brokering  and currency trading partner AxiTrader have put together an amazing infographic of the 2013 Forex trading year. For those interested in learning Forex or enjoy implementing their day trading strategies on the currency marks here is some of what they had to say about 2013: 


As a trader, it’s important to stay on top of what moves the markets, and over the long term the main driver is good old “supply and demand”. If more people are buying, the price will go up. If more people are selling, the price will go down.


And what is it that drives supply and demand of currencies?


One major influence is the performance of the economy. The more products and services a country produces, the greater the demand for their currency. This is because international buyers need to stump up with local currency for their purchases.


We hope you find this as informative as we did, and please join us on Facebook to discuss.


The Essential: Forex Year in Review 2013 Infographic
Courtesy of: AxiTrader




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