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Aussie Dollar Breaks through Recent Lows – Forex Trading News – Sept 10th 2014

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Aussie dollar breaks through recent lows and support. The interesting thing about this is that the US dollar was again stronger overnight but in the last hour (New York 3pm – 4pm bar) has tanked against all majors, apart from Aussie and Kiwi. I can’t find anything on the news wires at the moment for this happenstance but it is not safe haven or yield chase that is driving it. It has given us potential reversal signals across the Yen, Loonie and even the Euro.


In other news, the US stock market fell 0.6%, despite Apple being +3.4% on its iWatch and iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+ releases today.  Commodities were mixed bag but copper did get spanked 2%.

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