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Amazing Result 11.5% in two days!

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They are as modest as they are skilled. It took a KTA staff meeting to reveal that Curt and David made an 11.5% return over two days with 25 of our delegates!

The course was a Forex Bootcamp, which consists of two days of live trading in a classroom environment.  With everyone’s  laptops out and accounts open (including KTAs) the course provides another another opportunity to see how the experts trade and get into the mindset required to make awesome returns!

Over the course of the two days, 10-11 of April, Curt and David took the following trades:

  • Sniper Strategy: GBDAUD returning 3%
  • Pivot Strategy: NZDJPY returning 2%
  • Snap Back: AUDJPY returning 1.5% 
  • Sniper Strategy: AUDUSD returning 2%
  • Sniper Strategy: EURUSD returning 3%


For a total of 11.5%!!!!!

The learning gather from the bootcamp was just as valuable. Curt and David underlined the importance of strict risk management . They traded to their plans and implemented the strategies as they have been taught!

So congratulations to the 25 delegates who had their accounts boosted over the two days and we hope to see you all back at KTA for another one!



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