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September 2013

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Last month was a great month for trading; here on the trading floor, we stuck to our Risk management rules and made 3.74% on our account.

We traded every single trade call on our own accounts, our trader coaches send these to our students through trade alerts.

You may have made more money if you let some of the trades run. However, because we stick by our risk management rules, we had to cancel those trades after a certain time period if they didn’t trigger.

We always stick with the golden rule and place only a 1% risk of the account on each trade and manage the portfolio diligently.

When we see a trade that is meeting our criteria and our checklist, then we send that trade call to our students with the entry price, stop loss and take profit.

We have got some great results from the UFX Course strategies and have also seen outstanding success from Master Trader Strategies – all in all a good month for trading!

This month our students have put in a lot of work in their initial trading sessions. This is inspiring for me to help people achieve success. I wish you all the best in October.

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Vijay Sharma, Technical Support and Coaching.

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