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6 Months into 2018 – Where Are You Financially?

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6 Months into 2018 – Where Are You Financially?

Have you ever heard forex traders and other highly successful people talk about the only one resource that they can never get more of and therefore cannot afford to lose? They are of course talking about their time!

Understandably, this is the reason why so many of those people are not overly worried about investing their money into different things, but they are extremely selective about what they invest their time into. It is the most precious resource we have and it therefore must not be wasted! Successful people have learned this lesson and are practising it in their daily life.

Now that we are already half way into 2018, let’s put some time aside for a little bit ofself-examination. As you may remember from the beginning of this year, we talked about goals and stressed the importance of setting realistic and achievable goals for 2018.

Examine yourself

If you did just that, take a step back, look at your current situation, and try to understand what specifically you have done to put yourself on track to successfully achieve your goals by the end of the year. And if you don’t feel you’re on track, what specifically is it you didn’t do that you should have done? Use these answers to try to learn more about yourself and what it takes for you to become motivated and remain disciplined. Everyone is different, so learning to understand yourself is the crucial step here.

Self-examination can sometimes be uncomfortable, but that’s actually a good thing. In order to improve ourselves as traders and in other ways, there is no way around stepping outside of our own little comfort zone. If you embrace uncomfortable situations as learning opportunities, and push yourself a bit further each day, you will eventually become unstoppable. Trust me, it has worked every single time someone has ever tried!

Keeping goals requires discipline

Sticking with your goals throughout the year requires the same type of discipline as sticking with your trading strategy over a prolonged period, which is something we have talked about before on this blog. It’s extremely easy to throw it overboard when we see something not working out. However, just as in so many other areas of life, persistence is key to succeed over the long term, perhaps more so in trading than anywhere else.

If your financial situation right now is not the way you planned it to be at the beginning of the year, you still have 6 months to make things right. But remember that those 6 months are precious, so be sure to make the most out of it!

If you feel you need to get an extra push to take your life to the next level and live the kind of life you always envisioned for yourself, Learn to Trade regularly hosts free forex trading workshops around the country. Feel free to contact us to secure your seat at the next event near you. We look forward to seeing you there!

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