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Why should I trade Forex?

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Ultimately the decision to trade Forex is one that can only be made by you.


However, here at Knowledge to Action we believe the Forex Market affords you ample opportunity to start creating unlimited wealth and achieve the financial security you deserve.


Here are just some advantages of trading Forex:


Accessible with low start-up costs


The barriers to entry for the Forex Market are much lower than traditional financial markets. You do not need thousands of dollars or minimum account balances to get started, all you really need is the motivation to start making money.


Low transaction costs


A Forex transaction occurs when you buy/ sell money in one currency for another. Due to the combination of the high volume of transactions that occur and the open and liquid nature of this market, Forex transaction costs are minimal, so have little effect on your trading profit.


You can earn whether the market goes up or down.


In some markets, you can only make money by first buying low, then selling high (going Long). Forex is different: you can buy a currency low to then sell it high, or you can sell it high to then buy it back low (Shorting). As long as there’s movement in the market (regardless of direction), you can make a trading profit.


As close to ‘perfect’ as it gets


Due to the sheer size of the Forex Market, it is impossible for a particular Government, corporation or any sort of entity to control, or even skew, the market. This means it is driven by demand and supply alone, which creates ideal trading conditions.


It’s always open for you


The Forex Market operates 24 hours a day as it spans the globe and encompasses all the different time and business regions, which means trading opportunities are always available. This means you can trade after work, during the day or anytime it suits you.


Make money wherever you are


Not only can you trade when you want, but as long as you have an internet connection, you can also trade where you want. So whether you’re at home on the sofa, or on a tropical island relaxing in a hammock, you can continue trading.


Whilst there are many advantages of trading Forex, as with all things, inevitably there are also some disadvantages. To ensure that you are trading Forex safely and making the most of trading opportunities, contact us today.

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