Power Belief Principles in Trading

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Monthly Newsletter – Forex Psychology with Saira Khalid

Today I will focus on the power of our beliefs and how they influence every aspect of your life including your trading results. Also how does your brain influence your beliefs? It is time to embrace new ‘Power Belief Principles’.
Everything I say or do reflects my beliefs!

“Affluence, unboundedness, and abundance are our natural state. We just need to restore the memory of what we already know.” –Dr D Chopra

The market is a reflection of you. What it means is that it reflects in results your hopes and fears, your patterns and your unconscious beliefs.

I want to address in this article ways of the universal principles that you can apply to enhance your performance in your trading results by increasing your brain power and restructuring your belief patterns. If we open our minds to receiving and become comfortable with uncertainty a world of infinite possibilities opens up.

The current research has shown many ways to increase your brain power. You can play games to increase your brain function. Meditate and pray to increase brain mass and connectivity in certain areas of brain. High levels of cortisol – the chemical released by the body when one is under continuous stress can physically impair the brain and people’s ability to learn.

It has been proven that music at 60 beats per minute (Mozart, Bach, Handel, etc) helps to lower blood pressure and aids in relaxing the body’s large muscle groups. This allows for a greater amount of blood flow and blood utilization in the human brain.

An important fact to remember about your brain is that the brain is only 2% of the body’s weight, yet it consumes over 20% of the body’s energy, nutrients, and oxygen.

So you may ask, what the above facts have to do with trading profitably. It has been long recognised that your psychology creates 90% success in your trading. It also needs to be noted that stress and negativity effects your mental activity, brain power and your health in general. Therefore it makes sense that you make taking care of your mental and physical health a part of your trading plan.

For mental health it is crucial that you go through self-examination on a consistence basis and go deeper to find out your deep unconscious beliefs that are running your life. Use the belief change process from my midweek market focus on livetradingfloor.com.au and neutralize emotions on that belief. Create a new belief that supports your new life as a trader.

Exercise Suggestions:

  • Keep a journal and write everyday 1 or 2 beliefs that pop up in your mind
  • Track the results of that week’s trading in your journal (write not type!)
  • Take care of your physical health as a top priority
  • Take care of your mental health through mental exercise, music, vitamins minerals and supplements and constant positive input.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people with positive outlook on life
  • Only share your trade ideas with people that support your learning and encourage your growth
  • Listen to positive music and cds
  • Exercise your mind by constantly challenging it with new knowledge
  • Learn something brand new every year – ie language, numbers all these learnings help the brain to function at its best longer
  • Believe that as the time passes your brain is becoming sharper and sharper everyday

I know from personal experience that everything that happens outside first happens inside of us then it comes out as a reflection. Let us see what you discover in the process. I am most interested in hearing your opinions. My email is [email protected]

Until next time make May 2015 your best trading month yet.

To your prosperity and success,


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