December is the new January

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It’s true, December is the new January so why leave your resolutions to the New year when you can start now?

Today I will cover how to stay focused on what you want to achieve for yourself. This is time for you to find alternative ways to create wealth in your life.  Wealth is defined in many ways!

The most common areas people set goals during the New Year are:

  1. Health and Fitness (Wealth)
  2. Career (Wealth)
  3. Finance (Wealth)
  4. Relationships (Wealth)

One area that I would like to bring your attention onto is ‘Personal Development’ ie your inner self and how you are evolving. I suggest if you focus on your personal development you will bring forth what you really want in your life for the New Year. Here are the steps from my Trainers Trainings in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I suggest prove highly effective. The following exercise could take anywhere from 45 minutes – 90 minutes or more. Go with the flow and write quickly. (If any questions drop me an email on [email protected])

    • Please get a piece of A4 Card board and divide it into 8 parts. Now cut those 8 parts so now you will have 8 squares. On each square write down what is it that you want to have in your life this year (improve in your life or bring forth that you didn’t have last year!)
    • Now imagine these are items in your luggage that you are taking away with you on a plane to a destination you just have to get, you may need these items or may not but logically you will keep with you that you need (food and shelter is provided wherever you go). 8 squares are important part of your life that you want to include in your new destination) please leave family and kids out for now. These are things you want to do or have but somehow you don’t get around to doing them or haven’t got the resources to create them. Now as you get towards the check-out you are asked that oh it is too much you need to leave 2 items behind.
    • Choose 2 items of least importance right now and leave them behind.
    • Excellent see how light you feel already. Write down a brief story of a visit to this destination with the 6 items you have with you. How do these help you to enjoy the journey?
    • Now you are ready to go to the next destination. The plane is small so at the check- out you get asked to leave 2 more items behind. What will you leave and what will you take? Make a quick decision (Yes a decision, decisions that you need to make in the Forex market based on your prior analysis, a firm decision, a definite decision, a confident decision!).  Check with your unconscious mind and say YES, I am happy to let go of these 2 items for the next stop as the other 4 are the most important priority.
    • Now write a little story of your journey and how have you utilised these 4 items. These could have been skills, could have been fitness health related items, could be feelings etc.
    • Next is your last flight for the year. And off course you are asked to leave 2 items behind. Hmmm now it is crunch time. These 2 items are the must have for the next stop, these are so important that you simply won’t be able to do without them in 2016. What are those priorities? Choose only 2, now no temptation and no cheating by putting 3 items and naming them all 1 ie oh health. That will not give you the priority you need to have to get started right now. You need to define the item ie What about optimal health you need that you haven’t been doing, giving yourself. What is stopping you? Is it time? If it is then take time with you as you will need to define it specifically where it will come from in your story.  Get the feel of it within your body. How does it feel like if you were able to give yourself that TIME that in the previous year stopped you from focusing on your health? What about health specifically you want to improve? Is it Energy? Is it fitness?  Is it looking amazing and feeling great? It will be different for different people. Just focus on YOU!
    • When I started to focus on my health I specifically took with me High Energy from exercise and eating the right foods and allowing myself a few cheat days a month. This helped me get started. It will support you too because your TOP 2 PRIORITIES for 2016 will define your year. All choices define our ultimate destiny!
    • Energy flows where attention goes therefore we want to stay attentive towards our priorities by defining those priorities and what do they really mean to us.
    • By setting up new priorities (ONLY 2 for now) you are giving yourself an opportunity to focus and get results. When you will get results you will feel happy and good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself you will see that this will start to filter in all areas of your life including your Forex Trades.
    • Your mental focus gets results that add onto the strategies you are learning with us.
    • Ask yourself if I could guarantee myself 3% per week would I change as a person? If so how so? What will this change bring to you that you absolutely want to create in your life? Is this change worth it?

This is one of the process which is a lot of fun if you do it as a family and friends exercise in a group together. It is a fun game plus it will help all your friends to take action on things that they have been postponing forever.

A smart person once said that ‘the only things I regret are they things I didn’t do’.  This year give yourself a gift of a life of gratitude with no regrets. START AGAIN – START NOW!

To your prosperity

Saira Khalid

Psychology of Trading Specialist

[email protected]

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