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Forex Psychology

“Setting goals is the first step for turning invisible into visible.”

-Anthony Robbins

A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

-Napoleon Hill

Dear Traders,

I trust you all enjoyed the thrill and drama that Brexit created. And I believe that this thrill will continue for a little longer than expected into the New Financial Year. So get ready for a ride of your life on the Forex markets (a joy ride for sure!).

As the new financial year has started I want to address how to set your goals and why having personal development goals are important for every trading plan.

It has been years ago when I first walked on fire. Yes! You heard it right. I walked on burning hot coals at Tony Robbins event. And to this day I recall that experience with joy because that set forth my journey in personal development and self-investment. Here are 3 major lessons that I learned from that experience that later became the cornerstone of my personal journey as a coach.

Lesson 1: Focus on what you want

To walk on red hot coals and not get burned requires you to follow a few steps in the precise way that Tony teaches in his seminar. It relates to success conditioning and Tony insist that success is conditioned not programmed. Hence you are required to repeatedly follow through the format and take the right action to get the results you want.

When walking on hot coals you don’t look down on the hot coals (i.e. the work that is required or the struggles along the way). You simply look up focus straight on your target of what you want and charge forward without stopping for a split second. Because if you do you will get burned!!!!

It is so important to know what we really want and the best way to achieve this is by writing it on paper and dividing your ‘wants’ in small chunks so you know which area of your life you are benefiting by achieving this desire. Also it will clarify for you exactly how it will benefit you and why you must pursue your goal.  Here is what to do:

Step 1:  Write down precisely what you want to achieve?

Step 2:  Assign it to the area of life it effects the most?

Step 3: Identify the benefit to you and others? (This step will make your ‘WHY’ stronger and will help with self-motivation hence you will fast track your success!)

Step 4: Give it a specific timeline i.e. make sure you set a date of completion? (most people just state what they want and never command the universe to deliver it within a certain timeframe!) A timeline is absolutely crucial for the achievement of your goal.

Step 5:  Write 3 action steps that you need to take immediately to get the ball rolling.

Step 6: Read it daily morning and night. Yes, this is a must because this will keep your goal at the forefront of your mind rather than at the back of your mind – the very reason why people don’t stick to their new year resolutions as they have not followed the above steps.

Lesson 2: Be Prepared

There is a huge build up before the fire walk experience. This is called preparation. Self-investment in your personal development is preparation so when you arrive at the time of opportunity you are ready to charge ahead.

Preparation means that you need to know your subject and have a detail plan. You need to act on it daily to create the result.

Preparation needs to be both in your personal resolve and in the subject that you are mastering. By personal resolve I mean you need to be clear why you want what you want and the subject mastery means learn the specific steps that the subject requires you to learn to be successful.

Lesson 3: You will never, never know unless you go!

Trading is like starting your own business. You never know how great you can be unless you get right into it. Someone once told me that the fastest man in the world may be the Olympian that got the medal but it is probably true that the fastest man doesn’t know he is the fastest as he never got into the game. I hope that you are someone who gets down and dirty right into the game and give it your best shot and then some. This is the only way you will know how great you can be, you need to go there!

Wishing you a fantastic New Financial Year, Traders. Make it happen!

Saira Khalid,

Psychology of Trading Specialist

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