5 ways to keep up your winning streak

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5 ways to keep up your winning streak

Dear Traders

November brings in some solid movements ahead with the US elections, and post-Brexit effects lingering on some of you have made a fantastic return.  Today I want to dedicate this article to traders who are on target and want to end this quarter on a high.

As a Trader coach, I have observed that there are strategies that can be employed to keep your winning months going on followed by next month and so on. These success strategies can be applied to other areas of your life where you also consistently want to experience enhanced performance results.

1:Way of Focus

What you pay attention to expands!  Now keep your results from the previous winning month around where you can view them. Your best Trade, your best trading profit day, your highest pip run on a trade. Throughout the month pay attention to those winning days, and you will find your focus on something more meaningful, that is you as a successful trader which in turn will increase your self-belief and enhance your current month performance.

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t because the focus expands the winnings.

2:Way of Autosuggestion

I have mentioned the power of autosuggestion several times. However, I know that it hasn’t been taken seriously by all our traders.

Autosuggestion makes your unconscious mind believe the intention you have to achieve a goal or an identity you have for yourself. Any statement made with “I am” is creating an identity statement at the subconscious level. Human beings have an innate need to stay consistent with who they truly believe they are at the subconscious level.

Well, in reality, you are using autosuggestion. The conditioned responses that you casually make ‘I am not feeling good’, ‘I never win anything’ ‘I don’t know’ ‘I am careless’ ‘I am carefree’ ‘I am such a numb nut’, etc. These are all autosuggestions, and they are not getting you any closer to your goal.  Hence if you make your own positive autosuggestion and loudly repeat it and keep repeating it, you will see a difference. For example, ‘I am a trader’ ‘This is so easy’ ‘I easily recognise a pattern’ ‘I am so happy today’ ‘I accomplish my goals’ ‘I enjoy working towards my goals’ ‘I am a natural trader’.  In this way, you will start re-programming your mind, and you will see positive changes.  You can apply this strategy to all areas of your life.

3:Way of Passion

A belief that you can make money from doing what you love is important to develop on a daily basis. I find trading very enjoyable.  Our traders have given me the same feedback. Hence, they find time to invest time into learning this skill. Remind yourself that the things you enjoy doing can also make you money! Living your passion is possible.

4:Way of Gratitude

‘I am grateful for my abundance and prosperity, and I attract more wealth each day’.

The way of focus will help you to be more grateful for what you have, and what you have achieved so far. For example, the last 3 months were all profitable, and you exceeded your target. This month will be even better because you can create exactly what you want by focusing on it with gratitude.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Dr Wayne Dwyer, a personal development specialist and an influential philosopher of our time reminded us about the power of gratitude by focusing on just one thing at a time that is so good in our life, then the next and then the next. Start with small things that you perhaps take for granted.  This is why it is important to keep your winning month records in front of you and be grateful for repeating the same performance again this month. What you can do once you can do again! (a nice autosuggestion too!)

5:Way of Evolution

Nature teaches us that change is imminent. From the very moment that you started reading this article to now, you have already changed.  (And we wonder why we just age overnight!)

Human nature is born as an evolutionary response, and this is our natural state. Apply yourself to be a notch up in your performance this month.  Ask yourself what have you been doing in the past couple of months that made those months so successful?  Write out whatever you come up with and then apply it to make yourself better this month. Believe that you can and you will. Markets are constantly evolving too. Therefore, you will find it easier to tune in with the market if you stay evolving within yourself.

Apply these practical tools and see your account in profit this month also. Have a prosperous month.


To your prosperity and success

Saira Khalid

Psychology of Trading Specialist

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