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“As a company who lives and breathes the currency markets, we are always on the lookout for other organisations who share our entrepreneurial ambitions and spirit of adventure in the creation of new commercial opportunities.

We have established trading floors and training centers in South Africa, Australia and London and have a wealth of experience in Asian business. Success in Asia will be crucial to any business wanting to perform and grow and we especially welcome expressions of interest from our friends in Australia and the wider business community. I have had the opportunity to explore new markets within my own endeavors as well as performing as LTT’s managing director throughout Asia, Europe and New Zealand. Our multilingual staff have an eye towards the future and we look forward to doing business with suitable partners.

If you have a proposal or would like to explore ways to become a partner please email [email protected] or contact 02 8412 6000 and ask for James.”

James Mathews Managing Director
James Mathews
Managing Director 
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