• Saira Khalid
  • Saira KhalidTrader Coach

Saira joined the Learn to Trade team in 2011 after a fruitful experience creating and running a business as a Success Coach and Trainer. Motivated by her passion to be part of a catalyst of success to other people’s lives, Saira strives to ensure her clients achieve their maximum potential as Forex traders.

Saira is driven by the dynamics and accessibility of the Forex market: its unlimited income potential, that fact that it’s accessible to all where the desire to trade exists (there is no retirement age) and the fact that is brings out the best of people’s emotional and mental strength. In her down time, Saira enjoys meditation, live theatre, reading, movies, creative cooking and spending time with family and friends.

She holds a Bachelor of Psychology from Sydney University, Masters Diploma in Marketing from UNSW, an RG146 in financial services and she has also completed numerous Leadership and Coaching Training Courses from institutes around the world.

Saira’s Skills:

Trader psychology
Technical Analysis
Trading Plan
Confidence Management
Trade Management