• Jess Tjong
  • Jess TjongTrader Coach

I started my career in corporate accounting implementing financial systems and analysing currency movement. I always wanted to be financially independent so decided to learn how to trade the financial markets professionally. I started trading in 2013 and have never looked back. I decided to trade full time and am now a professional trader. I specialise in technical analysis, prop style trading and I focus mainly on weekly, monthly and daily timeframes.

The reason I love trading so much is that there are literally no limits with how far you can go with the earning potential. My passion is coaching clients to realise their full potential and enhance their skills to become more profitable traders.

Outside of trading I am a keen traveller which is perfect for a trader. I have seen and traded from some of the most amazing places in the world… which in turn it helps fund more travelling!

Jess’ Skills:

Stock Indicies & Forex
Technical Analysis
Trading Psychology
Trading Plan
Risk Management