• Beata Kuchcinska
  • Beata KuchcinskaTrader Coach

After migrating to Australia not speaking English Beata graduated from UWA as a Civil Engineer four years later. Following a career in Engineering, Construction and Property Development industries in Australia, Europe and the Middle East where she was managing multi-billion dollar projects building ‘cities’ in the Arabian Desert.

She was introduced to Forex Trading at the seminar with Greg Secker in May 2013 in Perth, WA. Although she had no knowledge about the markets nor trading, she instantly KNEW this was her new path. She started her Unlimited Wealth Program with LTT in September 2013 and spent the following 10 month flying monthly from Perth to Sydney to attend Master Trader Workshops and Bootcamps. She moved back to Sydney July 2014 when she was granted her UW Prop Account due to consistently good trading results. She was invited to join LTT team as a coach in February 2015.

Beata Kuchcinska’s Skills:

Forex Trading and Price Action
Charting and Technical Analysis
Psychology and Trading
Risk management