• Adam Truelove
  • Adam TrueloveGlobal Trading Director

Adam has always been gunning for big things from a young age.  Through his twenties, Adam had a couple of businesses but discovered trading in 2009 when he was 27… He never looked back.  After owning his own recruitment company and working in Advertising, Adam realised that there must be an easier way to his fortunes; trading was and has been it.

He has now had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring many people across the globe pushing them forward to being successful traders. In his spare time away from the charts, Adam enjoys travelling and indulging in his passion for the gym.

Adam is always looking to better himself, be it personally or physically and has also been known to enjoy the odd night socializing with friends.

Adam Truelove's Skills:

Stock Indicies & Commodities
Technical Analysis
Trading Psychology